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Xbox 360 Live Gold & MP Points Generator FREE Codes Keygen 2013

Xbox Live Code Generator is now available for all! Xbox Live Code Generator is the newest version using the latest source code!

This program will generate free working and genuine Microsoft Points and Live Gold which can be redeem on Xbox live website.

With this Microsoft Points & Live Gold Generator you can get free microsoft points by generating them. Go and get ALL DLC’S for free with it!

For create this keygen, the our team used C++ and a professional designer has designed a spectacular interface,he has used the famous program Photoshop! This is a good working versions. It is constantly being updated. This package is exclusively for you guys.

This tool was coded on Visual C++ and before you download the software you need to have installed the following software:


  1. Select your country (US, UK, EU).
  2. Select the amount you want to generate ranging from 800 Points to 6000 points. Alternatively you can select the code for Live Gold.
  3. Copy the free code and redeem it on Microsoft LIVE Website.
  4. Enjoy and share this with all your friends!

Changelog for Xbox 360 LIVE Gold and MP Points Generator v3.45.1.21:

  • Created a new graphic user interface, this is best GUI ever!
  • Added new method to generate free xbox live gold. This method is “anti-patchig” by Microsoft.
  • Added general security checks to prevent Microsoft from patching this.
  • Added more option for MP Points and Live GOLD.
  • Added ability to save with one click.
  • Fixed general bug with the country. Now is possibile to generate code for 3 different country (US,UK,EU).

Xbox 360 Live Gold & MP Points Generator FREE Codes Keygen 2013

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